Is Chrome no longer running Flash/Vegas World? Here's the fix.

As browsers like Google Chrome move away from Flash Player support, players may find their browsers suddenly not running Vegas World any longer.  Not to worry, there is a fairly easy fix that allows you to stick with Chrome.  Switching browsers would also likely fix the problem.  

You'll find the controls for Flash buried in the Advanced Settings section of your Chrome browser.  Don't worry, I've got the step-by-step displayed here for you.

Step 1: Customize and Control


First, click the "Customize and Control icon in the far upper-right of your browser window. Then select "Settings" from the menu that appears.


Step 2: Settings


Find the "Show advanced settings" link and click it.


Step 3: Advanced Settings


Find the "Content settings..." button under Privacy and click it.

Step 4: Flash


Use the scroll bar to scroll down the Content Settings window to find the "Flash" heading.  Select "Allow sites to run Flash" from the list. 


Once your Chrome settings are updated to accept Flash, you should once again be able to run Vegas World on your Chrome browser.


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