All Vegas World players are grouped into different leagues based on their Coin total/Fantasy Suite Floor. Leagues determine what other players you see on the Vegas World Leaderboard.

There are four Leagues:

  • Bronze - All new Vegas World accounts start in the Bronze League.
  • Silver - Players who unlock Floor 9 of Fantasy Suites are upgraded from Bronze League to Silver League
  • Gold - Players who unlock Floor 25 of Fantasy Suites are upgraded from Silver League to Gold League
  • Diamond - Players who unlock Floor 39 of Fantasy Suites are upgraded from Gold to Diamond League.

Once a player has earned a new League, they cannot lose it. There's no way to return to the old League.

When looking at all players on Vegas World Leaderboard, you are displayed only with others in the same League. This results in players with roughly the same number of Coins being matched up against each other. Players with far more or far fewer Coins will not be displayed along with your Leaderboard results.

When doing a Friends only search on the Leaderboard, it shows all of your friends regardless of what leagues they may be in.

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