Outfits Failing (Corrupted Outfits, Old Vegas World)

The following is regarding a problem with "old" Vegas World.  We strongly recommend players who are experiencing a lot of this to switch to new Vegas World where this problem no longer occurs.  Corrupted outfits in the old version of the game will still be corrupted in the new, but playing the new version will not generate more problems.

When players report Outfits not putting the correct clothing on their avatar or the Outfits fail to change the avatar's clothes at all, we call those outfits "corrupted".  

Outfits can get corrupted when you purchase and activate multiple outfits all at once (that is *one* cause, there may be others we never identified.) That gets the game into a state where anything you do may mess up not only the new outfits, but also existing ones. Refreshing the game is what you need to do any time you get into the state where your outfits are getting messed up. Refreshing won't fix already corrupted outfits, but will keep more from getting messed up.

While there is no fix on our end, most players can fix the problem themselves by deleting any outfits that aren't working properly and rebuilding those same outfits from the clothing items in the Custom section of your Outfit Profile. Deleting your outfits does NOT remove any of its clothing items from your account, so don't worry about that.

Open your Outfit Profile screen.
Select "Custom" (on the left-hand sidebar)
From there you can select any clothing items from any outfits you have ever purchased. You can recreate the original outfits or create new ones by mixing and matching.

Note: In the custom section you can *sell* your clothing items for a tiny, tiny, amount of Coins. Do not do this! It's not worth it and you can't get the items back when they are sold. The only reason to sell items is if you have duplicates, and even then it's still a bad deal.

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