VW Blocked on Chrome? "Click 'Allow' to continue" not working?

Following each update,  you may find Chrome asking if you want to "Allow" or "Block" Vegas World.  You ALWAYS want to "Allow" so if you hit "Block" there are some steps you need to take to get things working again.  Steps explained here!


When you see this display, always click "Allow". If you clicked "Block" instead, keep reading.



Once blocked, the option to "Allow" goes away.  What's that tiny icon in the upper right corner? 



That little puzzle piece icon means the page you are on is blocked. CLICK IT!



Almost there. Click "Manage plugin blocking..." 



That's Vegas World under the "Block" header. Click the 'three dot' icon to get it out of there.



Clicking the 'three dot' icon gives you three choices. "Allow" is what you want to run Vegas World.


And that's it.  You may need to close your browser and restart it so the changes take effect, but these steps will get your Vegas World unblocked and running once again.  

Good Luck!

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