Vegas World and the Adobe Flash Player

Many players have commented on the many changes that have been made to Vegas World over the last year.  While many were typical upgrades designed to enhance the experience for our players, we've also been diligently at work reworking the game to run without the Adobe Flash Player, which is very close to being obsolete.  Many of the technical problems players have been experiencing lately have been the result of increased security applied by most major browsers in regards to the Adobe Flash Player.  

Now Adobe has confirmed what we've known for some time, Flash is going away. Don't worry, the Vegas World developers have been busy porting Vegas World to a non-Flash environment and we'll have it ready long before Flash's ultimate demise.

When the switch happens (and it will be in stages over the rest of this year), it shouldn't be any more noticeable than any other scheduled update, though we do expect the game to run faster and more reliably. All of your accounts and games and everything else will be exactly as they have been. 

For details on the status of Flash, click this link to check out Adobe's official statement.

Thanks, and GOOD LUCK!

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