Support Harvey (and Irma) Flood Relief Charm

As most of you are aware, we launched a Hurricane Harvey Relief Charm on Monday, September 11. As these things take time to prepare there was no way for us to know that another disaster would strike in the interim. Originally we had identified a specific Hurricane Harvey Relief charity but given the circumstances we're going to make the donation to One American Appeal -- a charity started by the 5 living US Presidents. This charity is especially attractive as 100% of all donations go to the victims of both Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma.
Thank you for the parties you're hosting and attending in Vegas World on behalf of this work. We'll be announcing the amount raised and donated when the promotion ends on September 25th.



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    its very kind of vw to do  charms for hurricane harvey / irma. . . .breast cancer. . . .abuse. . . .  i've been asking for 2 years now, is vw ever going to do a charm for animal rescue?   think he best charm vw could come up with should be one for human kindness. . . getting alot of people being nasty, foul, liars. . .  guess its easy for them hiding behind their comp screens, but, i'm sure their no different in real life.  these people act like a $3 bill,   ooooo give to the victims, and when it's over, their right back to being the same ole nasty sob they always were.   its why i have dogs, sick of stupid, lying, cheating foul people

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