How do I delete Photos from my Album?


Start by opening the Photos section of your profile.



When you first open the Photo Profile page, you won't see the delete button.



Check one or more photos, and the Email and Delete buttons appear.



Selecting the Delete button will allow you to delete all of the photos that have been checked.



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    I've been wanting to clean up my album for some time and I know that there is a way to email the photos I want to save from it to my personal email. I would like to see an article regarding the details of how to do this.  Also, I am interested in finding out if there is a way once having saved photos from an album how you might be able to put them back into your album at a later date? (I ask this because I've seen when people have asked for photos of a person or an event and it seems that they've been able to get copies then put them in their albums? I've never actually asked a player how they've done this or if in fact it's been done--that's why I'm asking here).

    I know that this next part isn't specifically related to the photos in an album but it is about exactly do you change the pic that is associated with your account on this site? I tried to use that option from the zendesk and when I clicked on the change photo button it directed me back to my own desktop.  Huh???  When I used the forum it just used my avi from VW. I don't understand why this one does not.  I would appreciate a note on that or some direction as to where such an article is if this issue has already been addressed?  Thanks!


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    Go to where your photos are(album)

    Under each of those photos is a little box.

    Click on the boxes that you want to send to your email.

    When you click the 1st box an an option at the bottom will pop up and you will see "email" and "delete". Click on all the photos you want to send to your email.

    Since you want to send them to your email, click the "email" option and  another box will pop up where you will need to enter an email address, enter your email address and and any message you want to enter and press "send". 

    thats it.


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    What Fred765 said.  Exactly right. Thanks, Fred!

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    Appreciate the answer, but I've tried that and I'm getting mixed suggestions AND results.

    First, people are telling me to send only one pic at a time or I will end up with a "sheet of pics" and I think is true because I have seen it, but it showed up on my VW album??

    They are also telling me to take the photos from that email and put them into a folder on my desktop (the .jpeg)...problem is, when I open the file from my email it's blank!

    I'm totally confused! The directions seem simple enough but for some reason I'm getting these results. Also, saving only one pic at a time? Argh! Who has time for that? I'm getting desperate because my photo album is almost full!

    Second, I tried to go ahead and send about 10 photos to my personal e-mail. No go. I got what appeared to be a .jpeg (it was titled that way) and I think that's when I got the pic on my VW album with a "sheet" of pics...LOL

    I could sure use some help here!


    BTW: I'm using and have had no prior probs sending pics thru this web-based email service.  Also, is there some kind of media program I should be using other than the one I use w/my office suite to be able to view these? And I'm still curious to know if I can put pics BACK into my VW album once I've emailed them to myself on my regular email. (I'm thinking I don't just want to clean it up, there are some I'd like to rearrange, not just by the date they were taken. I KNOW I've seen some players' albums and it seems they're able to clean up loads of old pics and they are able to keep some from different time/themes and still maintain their descriptions).

    Thanks again for any help you can give...


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    Ingrid Svenska

    why don't my pics turn out very clear


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    Queen Nefertiti

    @ Ingrid Swenska

    If you're in New VW, the graphics aren't very clear. If you can, take your pics in Old VW.

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    lady ame

    How do I use my gems?

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