Why Does Vegas World Keep Freezing?

Unfortunately the issues with "Freezing" are mostly caused by increased security features in the Adobe Flash player and will remain a problem for all Flash games (not just Vegas World) until we release the new Flash-free version of VW, which we expect to be ready before the end of 2017. 
In many cases, a 'frozen' VW screen can be restarted by resizing the browser window. Click the "Restore Down" icon in the far upper right of your browser (looks like two boxes, one on top of the other) to reduce your screen size.  Give it a second, then click the same icon again to reset the display to full screen.  In many cases, that'll get the game running again without refreshing. If it doesn't work, you will have to refresh to get the game running again. In particularly bad cases (like it keeps failing, or fails again right after a refresh), it's best to close the browser entirely and restart.
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