Concierge Help Chat doesn't work (Chrome Browser)

Popup blockers can and do prevent the Concierge Help Chat page from opening properly. While many popup blockers display an alert and an option to allow the site, Chrome's built-in blocker just causes the link to fail, with no notice. 

If you're a VIP or Elite member using the Google Chrome Browser and you can't access our Concierge Help Chat, the following simple  adjustment may fix it for you.

Go to: chrome://settings/content/popups
There are two ways to unlock Vegas World Concierge Chat:
Option 1: Click the toggle button across from where it says "Blocked (recommended)", switching it to "Allowed"
Option 2: Click ADD across from where it says "Allow" and enter and click the "Add" button.

In either case, close your Chrome browser and restart it for the changes to take effect.

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    option 1 stops blocker from working on ALL websites.

    Option 2 allows blocker to keep blocking on all websites, but, allows blocker to NOT block VW.

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    has anyone here have the problem (since the most recent update on 12-4-17) where you are unable to see your gifts received and also your friends gifts received on the new vw?  i am able to see them on the old vw tho. also when switching from a slot to another, sometimes the screen goes black and you have to go back to the old vw and come back to the new to do a temporary fix? and the help page will not come up on the new either, only can get to it from the old.  is there a way to fix these problems?

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    Queen Nefertiti

    @ Leesa826

    That's not a new problem. Sometimes, when a player is in New VW and sends a gift to a player in old VW, the gift (let's say clothes) is received and shows up in the inventory, but doesn't  show on the players profile page.  The black screen happens frequently and takes a few seconds to reset. The rest of the issues, I'm not familiar with.

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