Concierge Help Chat doesn't work (Chrome Browser)



  • Fred765


    I think we here in the HELP FORUM do a better job than (I refuse to use the word) they are just mods who took on the job because of a poor business deal(designing VW costumes).

  • Fred765


    Just to double check, did you CLICK "VEGAS WORLD" on the main VW page? then CLICK "MY PROFILE" and you will see "FRIENDS" on top center? Then CLICK "FRIENDS".?


    If after doing so you still don't see your friends, then you should contact VW. CLICK "Submit a request"(top right hand side of this page), fill out the form and submit it.


  • honeypot


  • bettyboops1

    What game is it that has MARIA ,can't find any 4 reel games. What is the deal?

  • alan531

    Maria is on nearly ALL the slots today. Try "Muses of Terra".

  • Sue446

    sue 446 My computer did a scan last night and I lost 600,000,000 Have tried to go to log out and log on have changed my password three times and ever time I go to help it says password invalid


  • Todd Z

    Tournament game after game, I do not even once, get the bonus spins.  Sometimes I swear, in a 100 spin tournament, I get over 70 spins without even getting one point.  Am I unlucky or is this just another one of their rip offs?

  • Silvana985

    waiting for a reply almost 2 weeks now

  • liz beth

    my chat keeps getting turned off. why does this keep happening?

  • papoo

    Do anyone know,how to solve this problem....I get in Vegas World but I cannot open this game Journey of Volcana...Vegas support don’t have an answer for me...I has been over a week now and same problem

    June 23 2019


    I change my outfit several times my head and face that I paid for will not comeup please fix this problem for me they said to change outfits but that did work either.

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