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Concierge Help Chat doesn't work (Chrome Browser)



  • Sue446

    sue 446 My computer did a scan last night and I lost 600,000,000 Have tried to go to log out and log on have changed my password three times and ever time I go to help it says password invalid


  • Todd Z

    Tournament game after game, I do not even once, get the bonus spins.  Sometimes I swear, in a 100 spin tournament, I get over 70 spins without even getting one point.  Am I unlucky or is this just another one of their rip offs?

  • Silvana985

    waiting for a reply almost 2 weeks now

  • liz beth

    my chat keeps getting turned off. why does this keep happening?

  • papoo

    Do anyone know,how to solve this problem....I get in Vegas World but I cannot open this game Journey of Volcana...Vegas support don’t have an answer for me...I has been over a week now and same problem

    June 23 2019


    I change my outfit several times my head and face that I paid for will not comeup please fix this problem for me they said to change outfits but that did work either.

  • American Hunny

    Why,Why,Why, can't people see my Avatar any more. She is Disappearing, and so are my outfits. Every time I put on an Outfit it doesn't show up any more in my Closet.I just have a Blank spot. How can I close out my account and start over? PLEASE HELP ME!!!??

  • Natalli

    @American Hunny

    try my post near the bottom  .  hope it works for you  . 

    also clear your browser history and cache files frequently  .  that might help too  .
    online video games are always glitchy  .


  • oyster

    I just went to a party that did not make the 25 to start do I  lose my credits



    I would like to see no more emails to remind of the treasure box.

  • MikeyS

    When I am playing bingo and buy a charm for my table it’s does not show. ‘ hey I just bought a charm for my table”. WHY???


  • theresa ann

    sound is and out..not insink with game..please fix.. is second not my lap top

  • alleymap

    Sun and moon bonus game doesn't work!


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