How do Charms Work?

Charms are the best way to collect Coins in Vegas World. Up to four active Charms are displayed up the right hand side of your Vegas World display. When you have a Charm outfitted it'll provide a bonus to all of your winnings until the Charm has expended all of its Coins. You'll actually see the Coins coming out of the Charms and adding to your Coin total. Charms provide a leg up so you may beat the house edge.  If you are using Charms and still losing Coins while wagering, we recommend you reduce your wagering levels until the Charms you have are able to cover most (if not all) of your gambling losses.   Players who use Charms and wager with a little restraint typically end up gaining Coins over time. 

To see all of your Charms, open your Charm Manager by clicking anywhere in the green, right-hand sidebar (where your active Charms are displayed.) 

There are three types of Charms:

  • Standard Charms - Standard Charms can be purchased from the main "Buy" tab or the "Shop" tab inside your Charm Manager. Once they are used up, they often provide a final Coin bonus and then deactivate. Spent Standard Charms appear as a black silhouette in your Charm Manager. Any spent Standard Charms can be recharged with Gems and reused or sold for a small number of Coins.
  • Party Charms - When somebody purchases a Party Favor Charm, everybody in the room get one. While gambling, Party Favor Charms act just like Standard Charms. Unlike Standard Charms, when a Party Favor Charm is used up it simply vanishes from your Charm Manager. Party Favor Charms cannot be saved or recharged.
  • Gift Charms - If you wish to give a Charm to somebody specific (and not to everyone in the room like with Party Favor Charms) you may purchase them a Gift Charm.  Gift Charms may be purchased in the Gift section of everyone's profile.  Since Gift Charms are only given to a single other player, they are worth more Coins, per Gem, than Party Favors. Like Party Favors, Gift Charms vanish once they are used up and cannot be recharged.

Charm Parties

If you have some Gems or Party Passes and haven't been to a Charm Party yet, drop what you're doing and check one out. You will not be disappointed!

One of the best way to collect Charms is to attend Charm Parties.  To find a Charm Party select Menu (found in the far upper-left of the screen) and then select "Parties" from the list. 

You must have the required number of Gems in order to get into a Charm Party, though no Gems are taken from you until the Charms are awarded.

Once the party room fills to its maximum capacity of 25 players, the Charms are awarded. This results in each player getting 25 (or a multiple of up to 25) Charms.

Important: All Charm parties are hosted by real Vegas World players who choose when and what sort of Charms are available. Inexpensive Charm Parties (around 200 Gems or less) tend to be very popular and may be difficult to get in to. 

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