Is Vegas World Free?

Vegas World is, at its core, a free to play game. Free Coins can be collected from your Daily Spin, Daily Scratch Tickets from other players, and, if you're lucky, winning at the games.  Players playing for free who run out of Coins can always come back the next day and find more Coins waiting for them. 

Additional Coins can be collected from Charms and the Gem Machine. Both of those features require Gems, which do generally cost real money. Many Vegas World players have access to a number of "free" Gem offers.


Buy? What kind of free game is this? (One that wants to stay in business!) Click Buy for FREE gems as well as the option to purchase them. 


To purchase Gems and Membership with real Money select the "Buy Gems" option from the drop down menu.

What Free Gem offers you have access to depends on what sort of device and what service you are using to play Vegas World. In general the most free offers are available to players on PC or Mac computers (not tablets) playing directly through the Vegas World homepage at 

IMPORTANT: Vegas World is not directly affiliated with any of the Free Gem offers.  We cannot guarantee the offers will work for you, nor can we provide Gems if they fail.  

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