How do I Chat and Whisper Chat?



  • stanley1969

    I'm new to Vegas World and I could use some help navigating. I'd love your help, maybe EMail me? Thanks Stan

  • AdamC

    For one-on-one help, you'll want to send a ticket to the help desk.

    All navigation in Vegas World is done using the "Menu" tab in the far upper-left of the screen. The top three entries that appear are for navigation.

    Casino Games - This opens the games menu and choose one of the many Vegas World games.

    Club Scene - This provides access to our three public rooms: The Dance Club, the Pool, and the Shipwreck Lounge. These rooms are meant for socializing.

    Parties - Charm Parties are heart and soul of Vegas World, and the Party Menu is where you'll find them. While Charm parties always have a Gem entry fee, you'll also find free parties where the only thing you need to do is show up and have fun.

  • Mrs Millions1

    hey does anyone know what you do if you type and it dosnt show it and you cant see anyone where ever you go me and my sister have that problem and I just got it yesterday and she has had it for a month

  • AdamC

    roxyfoxy989, you are describing what happens when an account's chat has been permanently deactivated by an Admin, as your has. Vegas World is for players 18 and up, only.

  • JA North

    this has happened to me and I am well over 18

  • JA North

    I would like an answer

  • adelka

    when a tag comes up and says "so and so" is do you communicate with them or where do you see what they're saying...I know it's not in the chat box at bottom corner of page....but where?

  • oldcrab

    how do you get back on to play when the vegas circle keeps going around and doesn't connect to the game

  • Lill33

    I want to know why I can not send talk I do not have done or send on my toll bar. please answer me

  • Lou 49

    I have the same problem Lil33. Hope someone can help us

  • Lou 49

    sent in for help, feel so foolish it is the enter on my keyboard. Live and learn

  • black sheep 1

    my name is Barbara, I just started
    playing the games, I like playing solitare not sure of other games.

  • Pistol Annie

    How do I receive gifts sent to me??


    why isnt my chat not showing up over my avitar

  • RubyB13

    when someone whisper chats me it shows down in the whisper chat area on the bottom right but it also shows in a box over their head -- is there a way to stop it from showing in the box over their head?

  • TankRider

    I have a too dark of color and I don't get anything its red can someone help me please. I wopiuld like to chat but no words come on it, how do I get it lighter, im ib a hurry,

  • Jess Tantalizer

    What is wrong with my account, my bubbles, whispers, or anything chat related is not showing up. what is wrong with my account? it was fine earlier.

  • CTest99

    How do I send scratch tickets to vw friends?

  • dorothy16

    How do I enter my pass word to send and receive email ?

  • dorothy16

    How do I enter my pass word to send and receive email ?

  • crissy84

    how do you send a thank you for a party favor sent

  • LarryD47

    Thanks for the chat info and directions

  • Ayshahottie123

    i just need help to talk

  • Jonny 2 tone

    Why can't i send a private message or private email?
    It worked til about a week or so ago

  • rita99

    having the same problem, cant send a thank you or talk to anyone

  • Parrish

    How do you get online when you are asked to be a friend?

  • davey2

    cannot instant chat enter or done does not appear in chat box

  • zhunhappy

    How can I retrieve coins that was taken from me due to shut downs. I want to use then but how anyone out their know how?

  • Teresa vanpham

    How many day to get to the next  level ? 

  • FBabbette

    How do I acquire better dance moves?


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