How do I buy and wear different Clothes?

Getting your avatar all fancied up is one of the things that sets Vegas World apart from other casino sites.  Here's how to do it.

To purchase new outfits, select the Menu button in the far upper left of the screen and then select "Outfit Store" from the list that appears.

 Once you are in the store, you can choose from the different clothing options as well as find new hair styles for your Vegas World avatar. Most items in the Vegas World shops cost Coins, so save a few from the slots to spice up your look. Keep an eye out for items that cost Gems, as you'll find some of those as well, mostly in the VIP (Member's Only) section. 


Once you purchase your Outfits you'll want to wear them and possibly even mix and match the different parts to make your own outfits. All Clothing is found in the Outfits section of your profile. Select the Profile Menu button (where your name and level are displayed) in the far upper right of the screen.

Once you are in the Outfits section of your Profile, you'll see three tabs:

Wearing - What you are currently wearing. Click an item if you wish to remove it.

Outfits - Pre-built collections of clothes, either designed by the Vegas World staff or unique designs created by you from your items.  Use your outfits to quickly change your avatar's look. 

Items - Every item of clothing from every outfit you have collected can be found here. Mix and match to create outfits unique to your personal style. You can also find and outfit hair from here.


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