How do I host a Party?

To host an Party, Select the Menu tab at the top-left of the screen.

Select "Menu" then "Parties" to get started

The Party page displays all the active events and all events scheduled to start in the next 24 hours. There may be more events scheduled but only those set to occur in the next 24 hours are displayed.

If you want to host your own event, click "Create Party".

There are three broad categories of Events to choose from:

  • Party - A basic get-together. No special features or additional costs. Invite other players to join you for a good time.
  • Wedding - Similar to a party but takes place in the Wedding Chapel. This is the only way to access the Wedding Chapel. This sort of Event is only available to players who are married (you have to already be married to use the Chapel. A bit weird, but it's how marriage works in Vegas World.)
  • Charm - The host sets the type and number of Charms to be awarded. All players, including the host, agree to pay the Gem cost for those Charms when they enter the party. When the room is full (25 players) everyone in the Party buys the agreed upon Party Favor Charms for everyone else in the room. If you have some Gems and haven't been to a Charms Party, drop what you're doing and go to one right away!

If you are a VIP/Elite member, you can select the "Invite Everyone" option and create a MegaParty. Everyone in Vegas World who checks out the Event listings will see your MegaParty Event. If you don't want that, or aren't a VIP member, your Event will only be visible to all of your friends.

It costs either 3 Gems or 30,000 Coins to list a Party.

You'll be asked for:

  • A Party Name and Description.
  • Location, Date, and Time for your Party (use your local time.)
  • Public vs Friends only (VIP/Elite membership required for Public Parties!)
  • Other options like Men only, Women only. Members (VIP/Elite) only, and level Limits. Note: The game will not allow you to create a party you cannot attend yourself.
  • For Charm Parties, you must choose the number and Charm for your party.  IMPORTANT: To enter the party, the Host must pay the Charm Party entry fee, same as all party guests. The host will be awarded one ore more additional Charms for hosting.
  • Pay the Listing Fee of 30,000 Coins or 3 Gems. 

While the host is granted automatic entry to any party he or she creates, the host is not required to attend his or her parties.  They'll still happen even if the host never arrives.  For Charm Parties, the Gems are still collected and Charms awarded when the room fills to 25 players, with or without the host.


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