How do I get more Coins?



  • mema51

    whats wrong with short videos for free gems screen goes black when click on it

  • Nancy1064

    How do I save current winnings

  • copper1069

    What is wrong with short videos I can earn free charms

  • sweetone

    Please show the "dollar cost" for each coin, gem, membership offer prior to selection. This is confusing as to amount to be charged to my account.

  • AdamC

    All Gem and Membership offers display the price at the point of purchase. The thing that causes the most confusion are the subscriptions, which bill you automatically each month until you cancel. Look for the word "subscription" to know it's that sort of offer. Vegas World currently has two subscription offers. The VIP subscription which costs $5.99(US) per month and the Elite subscription which costs $19.99(US) per month.

    Coins do not have a "dollar cost" as everything in Vegas World that awards Coins awards random number of them. You can get a general idea of how much Coins cost in the Coin Pack section of the game (where you just buy Coins for Gems) but even the Coin Packs award a range of Coins based on how many Gems you spend.

  • AdamC

    We provide no support of any kind for the free Gem offers. If they aren't working for you, we cannot explain it. If one or more aren't working for everyone, we'll notice that we're not getting paid and remove the offer.

  • zoo1

    how do i become a member

  • AdamC

    I just added an entry answering that questions. Thanks!

  • TerriW5115

    I've tried watching some of the videos for free gems as well--I only get the gems every other time I watch something--waste of time!Why do "power-ups' in "Fringo" not work? I have 25 of them and it keeps making me get more during a game! Frustrating! I'm not made of money and can't spend frivolously on GEMS!

  • conjoe

    Please delete the video's for gems cause they just waste our time and don't give the gems after you do what is asked of you. I am a paying customer and don't like having my time taking advantage of. If they don't work they should not be there or you should compensate us for the missing gems

  • AdamC

    If Gem offers don't work for you, don't use them, but we won't take them away from the players they do work for.

  • Jean235

    I don't understand why we cannot buy gems with our earned money. I don't want to pay hard cash for them, but am embarrassed when people buy me drinks or treats, and I cannot repay them.

  • MissStellaStar

    VegasWorld won't let me buy Gems with my PayPal card.

  • AdamC

    MissStellaStar: For problems with PayPal transactions, your best bet is to contact PayPal directly. They handle all aspects of the transactions for their service. PayPal only provides us information on successful transactions, so if something goes wrong with a PayPal purchase, we don't have any way to tell you why.

  • Penny Matthe

    I can't earn any gems from my Facebook offers it isn't letting me go through. What do I do to earn some free gems?

  • maple879

    I have not been getting free gems when I log in or ever.

  • den10

    omg you are stupid!!!

  • little brat


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