How do I know how close I am to leveling up?

Each player's level and level progress is displayed under their Avatar name in the far upper-right of the Vegas World screen.  

Maria is level 10 and has just started working towards level 11

The green bar indicates how close you are to the next level. When it has filled the entire area across the display, you'll level up.  

Leveling in Vegas World is based exclusively on how many Coins you wager.  To level up faster, you just need keep playing.  All Vegas World games level you up at the same rate but some games, like slots, burn through the Coins far faster than games like bingo or slot tournaments.  Because of that slot players tend to level up faster than bingo and tournament players over similar lengths of time.  

All wagers in Vegas World contribute to leveling up. If you like Sports Book, Multiplayer Poker, or just slots, playing your favorite games will keep you advancing, no matter your gaming preferences. 

High level players may not be able to see their bars move at all, but they really are.  It can take months to level up at the highest Vegas World levels, even wagering millions of Coins at a time.

Currently the highest level in Vegas World is 50.  We may increase that in the future, but for now 50 is tops. 

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