Somebody bothering you? Block or Report

Players have some options when they encounter another player who is rude, mean, aggressive, or otherwise making their Vegas World experience less fun than it should be.

To find these tools, get to the offending player's Profile and Click the "More" button.

Block Player - Blocking another player prevents them from chatting, commenting, or messaging you. In your own suite, blocking also boots them out and prevents them from returning. It is not possible to Block friends. To unblock a player, go to the "More" section of the profile again and click the Unblock Player option displayed there.

Report Player - Players who are breaking the Vegas World Code of Conduct may be reported. Reports are sent to the Vegas World staff for review and provides us with the recent Chat history for the room where the Report was made. For serious issues we recommend filing a Report at the time of the incident and contacting Vegas World support for action. Reports alone never generate a response from the Vegas World staff, so if you need to communicate with us, please generate a Help Ticket in addition to the report. 

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