How and Why do I verify my Security Email?

To verify your security Email, go to the Settings page found on the Menu list, in the upper-left of the screen. Enter a valid Email address in the Security Email field. This Email may match your login Email, but it is not required to. A verification notice will be sent to the address you enter, and when you click the confirmation link in the notice, your Security Email will be verified.

Verifying your Security Email:

  • Unlocks Whisper Chat
  • Provides Bonus Coins
  • Allows the password reset feature to function (only required if the account's login Email isn't valid.)
  • Allows players who have set up their accounts on services like Facebook and AOL to access their account's from the Vegas World home page (

Important Notice: Always keep your Security Email secure by never sharing its password with anyone for any reason. Anyone with access to your Security Email will also have full access to your Vegas World account.

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