How does the Vegas World Leaderboard work?

The Vegas World Leaderboard shows the Daily and Weekly winners for an assortment of Vegas World games.

  • Multiplayer Poker
  • Blackjack
  • Slots
  • Video Poker
  • Bingo
  • Solitaire
  • Fringo
  • Sports Book
  • All Star Daily Fantasy
  • Ready, Set, Bet
  • 5 Card Draft

The Vegas World Leaderboard displays rankings based on a player's *winnings* measured over the current day or week. Losses count against your Leaderboard status. If a player won 400 million Coins, but lost 450 million, they will not be displayed on the Leaderboard (only winning players are displayed.)

Players who win big can expect to see themselves show up on the Leaderboard about 10-15 minutes after they qualify, so you may need to wait a bit to see yourself on the list. The Leaderboard *does* count Coins awarded through Charms which is why you may see some big spending players at the top more regularly than luck alone would seem to allow. That is normal.

The Vega World Leaderboard resets each day at 12am (Pacific Time), so players outside the US may see their totals reset at times that seem wildly incorrect for them. The weekly totals are based on your winnings from the previous 6 days plus the current day.

To be listed on the Vegas World Leaderboard, a minimum number of plays is required, both for daily listings and weekly.  Here are all the minimum play requirements:

Game Daily Minimum Plays Weekly Minimum Plays
Multiplayer Poker 10 20
Blackjack 10 20
Slots (any)  50 100
Video Poker 50 100
Bingo 5 (cards) 10 (cards)
Solitaire (any) 5 10
Fringo  5 10
Sports Book, All Star Daily Fantasy, & Ready, Set Bet 1 2
5 Card Draft 5


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