How does Locate Work? Why isn't Locate Working?

The Locate feature in Vegas World is one of the handiest ways to find and hang out with friends.  Normally you can just select the friend you want to find, click "Locate" on the menu, and click the location to join them wherever they happen to be hanging out.  

Click the "Locate" icon from your friend's mini profile to find and join them


In some cases, unfortunately, it may not work. The Locate feature will not be able to locate and move you to the located player's room if:

  • The located player is currently moving from one room to another.  
  • The located player is in a room that's already at maximum capacity.  25 players for most rooms and fewer for game rooms like Slots, Multiplayer Poker and Multiplayer Blackjack.
  • The located player is in a Suite that has been closed to you (either no entry or friend's only entry and you're not a friend of the suite's owner.) 

In addition to the expected failures listed above, connection problems can also prevent the Locate feature from functioning. If a player is listed as "offline" that means: 

  • The player lost connection long enough that the system no longer can identify their location.  Typically this will last until the player moves to a new room or refreshes their game. Refreshing your own game will not usually solve this.
  • In rare cases the game will continue to display a player on the online Friends bar who has actually logged out of the game. If a player logs out (or is disconnected) while the game had lost track of them, the player's image may remain on his/her friend's Friend bar until they log back in and out again (requiring a sort of a reverse game refresh.) 

The locate feature isn't always instant. In some cases the feature can take several seconds to display the location of the selected player. If you click/select the Locate feature and it appears to do nothing, give it a few seconds to work, and normally it will provide a result.

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