Elite Membership Benefits

The details of how long your Elite Membership will last depend on what you purchase. What offers are available to your depend on what (if any) service you are playing Vegas World upon. Facebook players have different options than Wild Tangent players who, in turn, have different options than are available to players playing at www.vegasworld.com.

Read the description of the Elite membership you are purchasing when you are purchasing it to see exactly what the duration of the membership is, how many Gems you get, and if it's a subscription (where you are billed monthly, automatically.)

If you had a VIP subscription and you purchase Elite, it will replace your VIP (not extend it, so be aware of that.)

If you purchased a yearly VIP membership, the Elite will also replace it for the duration it is active.

Example: If you have a VIP membership set to expire in July, and you purchase an Elite membership subscription for a few months now. If you allow your Elite to lapse, your VIP will still be good until July. Again, buying Elite membership does not extend your VIP membership, if you have one.

Vegas World Elite membership comes with the following benefits:

- Everything that comes with VIP membership
- 700 Gems per month for $19.99 (on vegasworld.com, other offers may differ)
- Allowed to buy Elite Charms
- Allowed to form groups of up to 8 players - the normal number is 4.
- 2x bonus Coins compared to VIP members, awarded on the 1st of each month
- A special full color icon next to your name - VIP icons are black and white.
- Faster Help Ticket customer service - Elite members get put to the front of the queue.



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