How to Play Vegas World Bingo (Silver Screen & Royal Realms)

Vegas World Bingo allows you to play one to four cards at a time. The cost of each card is effectively your wager. If you were to play three 1000 Coin cards, your total wager would be 3000 Coins, for example. If you select your cards and change your mind, you can leave the Vegas World Bingo room at any time without losing any money. The game doesn't charge you for your cards until the Bingo game actually begins. Once it begins, however, you will lose your wager if you leave early for any reason.

Once the game starts, your cards are displayed and numbers start being announced. Each number is linked to a letter:

B-1 through B-15
I-16 though I-30
N-31 through N-45
G-46 through G-60
O-61 through O-75

The letters just make it lot easier to find the number on your card.

In Vegas World Bingo, players are required to find and mark (select) their numbers as they are called out, so pay attention!

Vegas World offers two different Bingo games:

Silver Screen Bingo (Basic Bingo)

You win if you get a full line of 5 marked spots on your card. The line must be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. You can also win if the four corners square of your card are called. Once you get a complete line of five or corners, click the Bingo button on the winning card to claim victory. Click it as fast as you can, because if another player gets Bingo at the same time as you, whoever clicks first gets the bigger prize!

If you have marked your numbers correctly, you are a winner! The closer you are to the first winner, the bigger your prize. The game keeps playing until all the Bingos for that game have been claimed. More players means more winners.

If you click Bingo on a card that isn't a winner, that card is disqualified from the round, so be careful!

Royal Realms Bingo (Advanced Bingo)

All the rules for Silver Screen Bingo apply, except where noted below.

Power-Ups - Players may spend Gems to power-ups for Royal Realms Bingo that generate an assortment of beneficial effects (see below.) Players get a random assortment of power-ups when they are purchased, and the power-ups available during play are also assigned randomly from each player's collection.

Coin Squares - When a powered up number is daubed, additional Coins are added to the player's account.

Free Daubs - When a powered up number is daubed
, additional numbers on the visible cards are daubed as if those numbers has been called, just for you.
Auto Correct Cards - Using this power-up will check all of the daubs you have made and correct any errors (both missed daubs and incorrect daubs, if any are found.)
Power-Up Squares - When the powered up number is daubed, randomly selected Power-Ups are added to your power-up collection.
Winning Squares - When the powered up number is daubed
, the card automatically wins as if you just got a Bingo for that card.

Coin Multiplier - Using this power-up will turn all of your Bingo cards in to x10 winner gold cards.

  • Each power-up that powers up numbers will assign roughly one power-up number per card in play (so if you have three cards, you'll most likely get three powered up numbers), but you may get more or less. In order for a powered-up number to successfully activate, the number must have been called. If you select a non-called power-up number, you'll LOSE the power-up. Be careful!

Bingo Patterns - Instead of just the Standard pattern than Silver Screen Bingo uses, Royal Reams introduces an assortment of different Bingo Patterns. It's essential players pay attention to what pattern is being used for their game, or else they'll find themselves getting Bad Bingos a lot.

Some of the new patterns are (but are not limited to):

  • Standard - This is the same as Silver Screen Bingo, providing wins with any horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line, as well as all four corners.
  • Postage Stamp - In this game, lines don't matter. A winning Bingo for Postage Stamp is any 2x2 square daubed on your card.
  • Corners - To win this game, only getting the four corner squares will do the trick. Lines don't count in this game, either.
  • Lines - Win with any horizontal or vertical line. No corners, no diagonals.
  • Hardway - Similar to Standard, but harder. No Corners and no winners that use the middle square. Winning lines on this patter are columns 1,2, 4, and 5 as well as rows 1,2,4 and 5. No diagonal winners, no corners, and nothing that uses the free spot in the middle.

Keep an eye on the display in the lower-left corner of your Bingo game. It will always show you what is a valid Bingo for the game you're currently playing.


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