3rd Party Gem Offers - No support available from Vegas World

Vegas World is unable to provide support for any 3rd party Gem offers. Please, keep that in mind when choosing to do any offers, both free and otherwise. Vegas World does provide full support for Gem purchases using Vegas World's own payment systems (including PayPal.)

All Gem offers provide Gems following the offer's service contacting us electronically with confirmation that the offer has been successfully completed. Those services do not provide Vegas World with any information of any kind on incomplete offers. We will never provide Gems before the offer is completed and the Gems are awarded automatically.

All of the Gem offer providers (JunGroup, TrialPay, Superrewards) are a third party vendors that Vegas World has no direct control over. Specific questions about the offers must be directed to them. You will find a link to your offers on each of our Partner's pages (look for "support" on the TrialPay page and  "get help" on the Superrewards page.) The status of each offer will be displayed as well as an option to contact our partner about the offer.  JunGroup does not currently offer any sort of support for their videos.

It's possible that the offer vendors do not award Gems for players in every country. The services do their best not to display offers to players who cannot be rewarded, but in some cases the videos still show up.

The offers available are limited to those that sponsors are willing to pay for. If you're not seeing any offers, it may be that none are currently available.

Each video is meant to provide an award once per IP address, so if you've already seen the video (perhaps with a different account or in a different game) that could also explain why you have not received Gems. Again, the system is meant to hide videos if you can't be rewarded for them, but it's not perfect.

Our Gem offer partners report all offers to us as soon as they have been successfully completed. When an offer is completed, the Gem award will automatically be added to your VegasWorld account.

If you believe you have completed an offer and have not received the Gems you were expecting go to the page of the partner who hosted the offer and check the offer status. You'll find that if you haven't got Gems, the status of the offer will be listed as not complete (or pending, or something like that.)


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