How do I buy or earn Gems?

Gems are the premium currency in Vegas World, and while you can't wager with them, they're what you need to get more Coins as well as some of the fancier "Gem Only" type items.

There are two main ways to get Gems.  You can buy them, for real money, or you can earn them through Vegas World's Gem Offer Partners.  

To purchase Gems you must select the Gem tab just under where Coin total is displayed. There are two ways to collect Gems.  You can buy them straight from Vegas World (Buy Gems) or you can use one of our offer partners (Free Gems).  Most of our Gem Offer Partners sell gems for money in addition to their free Gem offers. 

Maria already has a lot of Gems, but if she wants more she can click the Gem button (where her Gem total is displayed.)

Buy Gems

Gems can be purchased for real money. The bigger the Gem offer you select, the better the deal, overall. 

There are an assortment of ways to pay for your Gems. Select the one that works best for you.

Credit Card - The most common payment option in Vegas World.  You will be asked to provide your credit card information and our secure credit card service will safely process your payment.  If the transaction is successful, you will collect your Gems almost instantly.  Vegas World customer service provides full support for these sorts of transactions.

PayPal - Like credit card transactions, PayPal purchases are handled immediately and the Gems are awarded almost instantly as well.  Vegas World customer service provides full support for these sorts of transactions

Pay With Gift Cards - This option will take you a service called "Open Bucks" which can accept an assortment of pre-paid gift cards including Subway, Burger King, Circle K, and CVS/Pharmacy cards.  Important: Vegas World cannot provide any sort of Customer Service for purchases using this service. 

Mail In Your Payment - Use a Check, Money Order, or Cash (we don't recommend mailing cash, but we will accept it.) to pay for your Gems.  The game will generate an order form for the purchase you have selected. Include that form (or a hand transcribed version if you don't have a printer) along with the payment.  We process mail-in payments the day they arrive or the following business day.  Generally, the mail-in process takes around a week to get to us and get your Gems. 

Cash - This feature uses a service called Pay Near Me.  Basically the service will generate a form or a text message that can be used by retailers to add Gems to your account.  Supported retailers include:

  • 7-Eleven
  • Ace Cash Express
  • Family Dollar

Take the provided form or text message to a participating store and they can accept it along with your payment. By they time you get home, the Gems will be waiting for you.   Important: Like the other 3rd party payment systems, Vegas World customer service can provide no support for this type of transaction.


Free Gems

Each of Vegas World's Offer Partners has different offers. Check them out and see which works best for you.


In addition to Free Gems offers, you may find offers to purchase Gems directly from these vendors.  They may also have offers where you will be awarded Gems for purchasing an item or subscription.  

IMPORTANT: While Vegas World has no reason to think there are any problems with any offers provided by these vendors, we cannot provide any sort of support for Gems purchased or earned using these services.  They simply do not provide us with any information on the status of unfinished or unsuccessful offers.  Please keep that in mind when using these services. 


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