How do I switch to the "New" Vegas World?

The Vegas World developers have been working on the new version of Vegas World for over a year, and now it's ready to be played.  To check it out, click right here

That will launch Vegas World's new sign in page. Just enter your existing account's Email and Password to launch it.  You do not need to create a new account to play the new Vegas World.

If you don't see this Welcome Back! window, click "Sign In" which will be displayed in the upper right of the screen.


Why will I like it?

The best part of the new Vegas World is that all of the controls are set off to the left and right of the games, allowing all of the game displays to be lots bigger.  Players have been requesting we make the games larger since pretty much always, and we've taken action on those requests.  

The new version is brand new behind the scenes as well.  Problems with crashing, slow loading, and other performance type issues will be reduced or eliminated (at worst it'll be the same.) 

From now on, all new games for Vegas World will be added to the new version, and we've got a bunch lined up.  Slot games, sports games, and some new classic Vegas Games are all on the way.  You won't find any of them on the old VW, as these new games have been built specifically to take advantage of new Vegas World's improved features. 

What if I don't like it?

We're confident that all the effort we've put into this upgrade is worth it, and once players get used to the changes (change sucks, but what can you do?) they'll like it as well. If we're wrong about that, all is not lost.  Players who want to play the original version will be able to for the foreseeable future. 

You can switch between the new and old versions by clicking the Menu button in the upper-left of the Vegas World screen.

Once you play new Vegas World, the system will assume that's the way you want to play, and will automatically select the new version when you first sign in from that point on.  If you really, really hate it, contact Customer Service and we can reset your account to default to the old version.



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