Stealth Mode (How to hide from your friends)

Sometimes you just want to play some games and not be social.  Vegas World has a feature that will cause your account to be displayed as "offline" to your friends, so they won't tend to bug you.  We call the feature Stealth Mode.

To enter Stealth Mode you must:

  • Go to your Settings Page.
  • Select the Privacy and Sharing Tab
  • Set "Friends can see me when I'm online" to No.

Maria has set her account to Stealth Mode

Stealth mode will hide you from friends on your friends list, but you're not completely invisible.  For example, players in the same room as you will be able to see and chat with you normally.  You will appear on the room's player list on the left-side bar normally as well.

If another online friend checks their friends list, however, your account will be included among the accounts displayed as "offline".  Whisper Chat, Group, and Locate features will not work with your avatar.

To undo Stealth Mode, just repeat the steps for setting it up and change the "Friends can see me when I'm online" to Yes.




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