How do Charm Parties Work?

One of the best ways to quickly buff up your Charm collection is to attend Charm Parties.  If you've ever purchased or collected a Party Favor Charm, you know that everyone in the room gets one, including the player who bought the Charm.  Charm parties are arranged Party Favor purchases, where everyone in the room agrees to buy one or more Charms for everyone else in the room. Does it sound complicated? It kind of is, but they're fun and they're just about the best deal in Vegas World for buying Charms.  

To find what Charm parties are happening, start at the Party Board.  

You can always find the Party board by clicking "Menu" in the far upper left of the screen, then selecting "Parties" from the list that appears.

 If you are in a suite or a public room (like the Dance Club or Pool) you can also open the Party Board by clicking the "Parties" button found at the bottom of the screen.  

The Party Board will show you what parties are active and when the upcoming parties are scheduled to start.  Generally, low cost Parties (25 Gems or less) tend to fill up and finish rapidly, so if that's the sort of party you want, you'll need to get in right as it starts or you may miss it entirely.  Some parties cost upwards of hundreds of Gems to attend.  Those sorts of parties tend to fill up a bit slower, but not always.

There are three active parties displayed, costing 50, 900, and 34 Gems.  To attend any of those party's Maria will have to have the required number of Gems to get in. 

Once you select a party you will be required to pay the party's entry fee.  Everyone who attends the party is required to pay the fee either with Gems or with Party Pass Credits.  That include's the Party Host (the player who created the party in the first place.) If you can't or choose not to pay the entry fee, you will not get into the party.  

Maria clicked on the Tiger Mafia party, which costs 150 Gems to attend. If she clicks the 150 Gem Buy button, she'll get into the party, but she won't be charged the 150 Gems until the Charms are awarded. If she leaves the party early (for any reason) she'll not be charged any Gems but also won't get the Charms.

Once you are in a Charm Party, the Charms are awarded once the room fills to 25 players.  Sometimes the parties fill right away, and other times it can take a long time for the party to fill.  Occasionally there just aren't enough party-goers and the room doesn't ever fill (that's no fun, but it happens.)

This Charm Party has 17 people so far. Once the counter reaches 25, the Gems or Passes will be collected and everyone in the room will get their Charms. If you have friends who might want to help fill the party, click the Invite Friends button to get them in on the fun.

Once the party counter reaches 25, all 25 party-goers are charged the Gems they agreed to pay at the beginning and are awarded all the Charms the party promises. Players may purchase additional Party Favor Charms for each other both before and after the main Party Charms are awarded, but that's separate from the Party Charms themselves.  Once the Party Charms are awarded, the party is effectively over and will be removed from the Party Board, usually a couple minutes later.  If you try to enter a party that's already complete, the game will tell you so and you'll have to choose a different party.


Charm Party Details

  • Party Passes and Gems are only collected at the end when the Charms are awarded.  If you didn't get Charms, you weren't charged. If you were charged, you definitely got the Charms.
  • Party Hosts get an extra Charm for every 25 Charms awarded. Example: Hosting a party where everyone collects 50 Charms at the end, the Host will collect 52 as a bonus for hosting.
  • Some hosts have rules about their parties.  These are not official rules, but the host can remove anyone they like for any reason. It is their party.
  • Technically, anyone can host a Charm party, but only VIP and Elite members can host parties that are displayed publicly on the Party Board.  That basically means only VIP and Elite members can host Charm Parties.  Non member parties are only visible to friends, and usually that's not enough players to reach the required 25 to award the Charms. 






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