Loss of Connection - Just the Facts

Loss of connection can result from one of three causes.

1. Slow or inconsistent internet speed. If it takes too long for a device (the client) to send information to the Vegas World servers and back, effects can include display failures, features failing to load at all, and unexpected loss connection resulting in the game closing unexpectedly. This does not necessarily mean the client’s connection speed is slow, in general, but the connection to the Vegas World servers, specifically, is not adequate to run the game reliably. This is not an issue Vegas World will ever be able to solve for a player. Since we log the connection speeds of our players, we can normally tell if this is the the most likely cause of an individual’s problems running Vegas World.

2. Running out of memory. Vegas World is a complex game that requires a relatively large amount of memory to function reliably. If a player’s computer or device (this is a more common problem for tablet users) does not have enough memory to display or run the game, the game will fail. For tablet users, this typically results in the app closing unexpectedly. For browser users it will result in a loss of connection. Failures due to memory shortages result in the game failing more frequently specific points, typically the Vegas World features that require the most memory like Charm Parties, Bingo, and Fringo. On some devices, taking precautions like minimizing the number of other apps/programs/tabs running will help. On older devices, or devices not suited to online gaming, there may not be a reliable solution on the player’s existing hardware. The nature or timing of the failures may suggest this is the problem in some cases, but we have no way to reliably determine if memory is the primary reason for the game failing.

3. Vegas World failure. It’s certainly possible for problems with Vegas World itself to cause players to be disconnected. Unless we are actively working on a solution to a problem of this sort, there are never any known issues that cause this sort of thing, as they are always repaired as soon as they are discovered. Any time a problem is identified (and they sometimes are), Vegas World developers are assigned to address them immediately. We always require some evidence of a problem with the game itself before we can divert our developers from their usual tasks. Vegas World support will frequently ask for screenshots or steps to reproduce the problem before any action can be taken.

From a customer service perspective, all of these problems are difficult or impossible to address on an individual basis. If the problem is internet speed or memory, the player’s setup is where the solution must be found. If the problem is with Vegas World itself, a far rarer result, we may assign developers to investigate and repair what they find, which will solve the problem for everyone. A problem requiring a fix to the game can take anywhere from hours to months to repair, depending on the severity and complexity of the problem.

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