How to Collect your x2 Gem Bonus (or any Coin or Gem Bonus, really!)



  • PamelaM1351

    I am not sure what is going on at vw.  I am playing the same as always, same size of bet and same amount of gems, it is now taking me 2 or 3 days to earn what i used to do on a daily basis.  I have lots a lot of friends lately because of this and i may be the next one to go!


  • Fred765


    Money and greed has taken over this world.

    We better hold EVERYONE in power accountable or we will keep saying this for a long time to come


    on the list of parties page -- some have NP or N/P in the title. What does that mean?

  • Auburn2932

    I did not get an email message got coins no gems grrrrrrr


  • Fred765


    It means not a party.

    I had recommended VW to have separate greeting cards etc, but, they don't want to do that and want people to post greetings etc on the party post.

    Imagine how much money VW would me making only if the introduce various greetings cards?

    I could have sent one today to a VW friend for her anniversary.

  • Sandy90


  • eve66

    Update status but never got bonus points or gems

  • fishy1111

    I have been playing this game for over a year and never got pick for this weaks drawing ticket to win 100 k gems ?





  • cha008

    Im new one in this VW is this can possible to be a real money? i'm just asking only 


  • alan531

    If it's real, then I'm a billionaire many times over! lol  No, sorry. This is a GAME site only. The coins you might win are worthless.

  • All Legs 1

    how do i have two different players set up on the same laptop with two different emails in vegas world?

  • RE RE

    vw stole over 3.5 billion coins and 3500 gems from me over night and say I spent them. Really??? what idiot will do that? Not me. Give me back my coins I worked for over 1 year and my gems I pay for. This is happening to others as well.

  • RE RE

    BTW I have 2 accounts and they did it 2 both. They do it to 2 of my friends and my daughter also. No more vip for me. vw is bastards


  • alan531

    You should send them an email, or submit a ticket. They almost never read anything in this help forum. How do you "spend" these worthless coins? 

  • Fred765

    RE RE

    First thing I would do is change the passwords.

    Then follow other instructions detailed above.

  • midnghtldy

    @ Fishy1111 .... I've been here a veeerrry long time and have never been picked.  It's just a luck of the draw and not my luck.


  • takei

    I was disappointed that after signing in for 165 days straight to collect coins I missed 2 days then ended up being back to square one....should be a grace period.

  • headhunter


  • x skrengge x



  • Dave Douglas

    Was gifted a VIP membership but I am still a tourist! What do I have to do to change?  TY

  • Gemma8

    Who gets the Gems paid to enter Charm Parties???


  • lorrie4

    I don't understand how to collect all these loyalty rewards they keep telling me I have won or gotten somehow

  • alwaysalady1

    why on party page  must i pay twice to get into party,? 

  • alwaysalady1

    why on party page  must i pay twice to get into party,? 

  • rick4035

    i have payed three times . meny times to get in to partys !and then not to get in at all???

  • rick4035

    when i load my charms to play. it will throw one into space or something i lose it????

  • Fred765


    It appears that Alan the security guard here is messing around with QN instead of answering questions.

    OK...when someone goes to a party, although they agree to pay certain amount of gems or party passes, THAT AMOUNT IS NOT DEDUCTED FROM YOUR ACCOUNT....until the party hits 25 people and the charms are awarded.




    did not recieve my bonus gems after purchase 30% more on dec 20/2018


  • alan531


    That 30% promotion just started today (the 28th). You wouldn't get them on Dec. 20th. 

    It's for today ONLY.

  • windsongfirefly

     i did not recieve the 30 % more gems when i purchased gems today. i did get the gem and my loyalty bonus gems just not the 30% more. is there something i need to do to recieve the  xtra promotion gems. dec 28 2018


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