Party Passes: How do I find them? How do I get them? How many do I have?

Party Passes may be used in place of Gems to pay for Vegas World Charm Parties.  Passes are most often given as gifts but can also be collected through Loyalty Rewards, the Treasure Box, and games like Sea of Riches. 

Party Pass gifts come in an assortment of sizes:

  • Amethyst: 5 Party Passes for 5 Gems.
  • Topaz: 25 Party Passes for 25 Gems.
  • Aquamarine: 50 Party Passes for 50 Gems.
  • Opal: 100 Party Passes for 100 Gems.
  • Sapphire: 250 Party Passes for 250 Gems.
  • Emerald: 500 Party Passes for 500 Gems.
  • Ruby: 1000 Party Passes for 1000 Gems.
  • Diamond: 2000 Party Passes for 2000 Gems.

When any of number of Party Passes are added to your account, either as a gift or a prize, you'll see your Party Pass balance go up to match.  Your balance is always displayed towards the top of the Party display. 

Note: Vegas World always collects Party Passes before it'll collect Gems to pay for a Charm Party.  That means if you are given Party Passes while you are in a Charm Party, the game will take those passes to pay for that same party, even if you had agreed to pay Gems instead when you entered.  


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