How to send a DXDIAG report

Occasionally players will report problems we cannot duplicate.  When that occurs we can try to figure out what the problem might be, but without a starting point, those efforts are often futile.  To help the Vegas World developers figure out why your problem is happening, we sometimes require more information about what your computer is doing. That's where the DXDIAG (short for Diagnostic) comes in.

The following instructions are specifically for are Windows 10, but the same basic process applies to all modern Windows machines.


Type 'dxdiag' into the search field in the lower left corner of your Windows display (or wherever it might be if it's been moved) and hit the Enter key on your keyboard.



Wait for the loading bar to finish, then click "Save All Information..." which will create a txt file called "DxDiag" HINT: When it's saving, check to see what folder it's being saved in.

Attach the DxDiag txt document to a Vegas World Help Ticket or an Email to and we'll make sure the appropriate developer gets that information.  

The text file created may contain the key to solving whatever problem you're having with Vegas World and the entire VW staff is grateful to anyone who provides us with this sort of help.



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