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  • Mrs JazzyLynMoon

    every time I go into the vegas world account it won't let me change my password.  I don't know where to go from here.  Can you help me so I won't lose my account by march 14th

  • Tinas Mom

    I need to uncheck the remember me. How do I do this?


    Hi! Can someone tell me why when i have to keep purchasing power-ups and i just got finished playing Maharajah Island and i still have 18 power-ups left, but yet in still i can not play Fringo because the system states i need to purchase more power-ups to play when and i purchased ALL THE POWER-UPS WITH MY GEMS AND NOW I DO NOT HAVE ANY LEFT! ALSO WHY WHEN YOUR COINS SKYROCKET PLAYING FRINGO WHEN HAVE GEMS AFTER YOU FINISH ONE GAME AND YOU GO TO PLAY ANOTHER THEY TAKE COINS AWAY!!???   I DO NOT UNDERSTAND THAT!?  PLEASE SEND ME SOME ANSWERS! THANK YOU.

  • GiGi326

    Instead of UNCHECKING remember me,,  Try hitting forgot password,

    that will allow you to reset your password ..They said on the forum that you could keep everything but needed to change the password



  • pasqua

    Adam its me again - previously told you i have two

    & my sister is on my account Cannot get into her

    acct again. you helped me last time with this problem.  She has several Mill. $  in her a/c so we really need help again

    plus forgot both of our pass words & when we tried forgot password - that didn't work either.  HELP HELP HELP



  • Mercy2

    I have to sign in twice to get on vw now.

    What can I do to avoid filling in 2 sign in pages just to get on?

  • Sue446

    Why does no one get back to me

  • Sue446

    Still looking for my 600 mill

  • alan531


    Sue, if you want answers from VW, you have to email them your problem. They don't act on anything posted here in this Help Forum. 


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