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    We cannot duplicate the problem of the slot going wrong, and you are the only player reporting it.  The most likely explanation at this point is something about your system cannot run those slots successfully.  We recommend trying a different browser, as that'll show if the browser is the problem, if nothing else.

    Our slot developer suggested the problem might have been the "Maria" bonus feature, which was limited to a single day.  Those games can't handle Maria and shouldn't be featuring her. If that's the problem, your issue would be limited to the day of that promotion. Again, nobody else reported any issues, so we have nothing to go on beyond a single player reporting a couple of slots we've not made changes to suddenly malfunctioning in a manner we cannot explain or reproduce.  

    I'll keep an eye out for other players reporting problems, but that's all we can do with these sorts of unique-to-a-single-player issues.  

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