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What causes Error 300 and how do I fix this? Really tired of things loading 2/3's the way and then freezing.



  • Official comment

    Connection problems, which is what you are reporting, are essentially impossible for us to diagnose remotely.  The best we can ever do for players reporting unusual problems staying connected to Vegas World is provide an assortment of suggestions. Players sometimes get tired of seeing the same suggestions over and over, but really it's the best we can do.  I can confirm there are no serious problems with Vegas World on our end.

    If you're only having problems today, it's likely a temporary problem with your connection to Vegas World, often referred to as 'lag'. Lag can cause problems for an individual or region, often for several hours but seldom for longer than that. If you have regular problems keeping Vegas World running that have lasted for days or weeks or more, then it's probably something more serious. See below:

    If you find Vegas World running slower than usual, that indicates some other program or app is running in the background of your system, slowing Vegas World down. Restarting your computer entirely is the most reliable way to get Vegas World running its best when it's going slowly.

    Vegas World makes extensive use of your browser features and computer hardware meaning performance can vary widely from system to system depending on the combination of hardware and software you have. Changing browsers will have the most direct effect on the game's performance, and browsers that run Zone Casino great on one computer may not be the best choice on another. If you play on MS Edge or Explorer, we recommend Google Chrome (free at If it's Chrome not working for you, we recommend Firefox (free at

    Frequent loss of connection is certainly one of the most frustrating problems players have. It's frustrating for us as well because it's not a problem we can normally address on our end. The best we can do is provide some general suggestions:

    • Make sure you are running the most up-to-date version of your browser (MS Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari.)

    • Frequent crashes/disconnects are possibly a memory issue. Regular problems with Bingo and during crowded Charm Parties may indicate you have a shortage of memory as those two features are among the most memory intensive in Vegas World. Try closing all other apps, browser windows, programs and anything else you can think of.

    • Refresh (sign out and back in again) regularly. If the game crashes consistently after a couple of hours, refresh hourly.

    • Make sure no other browsers or browser tabs are open. Google Chrome, in particular, uses a lot of memory with each open tab.

    • Make sure WiFi is working correctly and is adequate. We've had players report fixing problems with their WiFi router solved their Vegas World connection issues.

    • Make sure internet bandwidth is available. Avoid using services like Netflix and things like file sharing during Vegas World sessions to avoid problems.

    IMPORTANT: If you have regular connection problems, we recommend you select what Vegas World games you want to play with that in mind.

    Vegas World slot games are built from the ground up to handle losses of connection. If you lose connection during slot play, the results of your last successful wager (where Coins were taken) will be added to your total when you get back into your account. If you Coin total didn't go up, that just means that last wager wasn't a winner


  • kjohn

    How di I keep this from happening

  • 2old4 u2

    Ok zen desk.. WHY do I keep getting the ooops message?

    At first I thought I was too far from router.

    Moved my computer and self closer.


    Then I thought my internet service wasn't fast enough so I went to where I KNOW the internet bandwidth and speed are AWESOME.

    NO BETTER???????

    Then followed the link here ... and guess what?

    NO HELP>

    I have found other comments about having to reload and reload but, nothing said about the cause of this message nor any remedies to prevent such occurrences in the future. Yes, running the slots is more like watching poorly done flash cards and bingo is spotty about recognizing my calls but, I have enjoyed your little Vegas when not being frustrated over not getting into yet another party or having to reload to get back to the lobby.



    Is this another site with no 'bodies' capable of even delegating repairs to basic programs to a competent professional?

    PLEASE bring us a little JOY.

    Thank you

  • teaberry

    always have a black screen forever before I can enter a party  This is ridiculous  It happens everytime  Why don't u invest in more servers?  Been here for 7 years and I have yet to see any improvements.  

  • Charm 57

    I see no one who has mentioned the number of coins that are "lost" with each disconnection(I have lost literally MILLIONS). Or the emails that are completely lost with an abrupt disconnection stating I have been idle for 60 minutes--I was mid-sentence and mid email when I got the disconnect--that isn't IDLE!  Please address these issues. I agree with the others, IT IS VERY FRUSTRATING.

  • AdamC

    No Coins are lost when connection is lost, so there is no need to mention it.  When you disconnect from Vegas World (for any reason) when you come back your account is exactly as you left it.


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