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Party BAR, not activiating for months! Not good enough!



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    Since there are no serious problems on our end, I don't have an explanation for you.  It can be a waste of time, but no money is wasted.  No Gems or Passes are ever taken until the Charms have been awarded.  If you didn't' get your Charms, you're not out any Gems.

    Typically, problems with parties suggest a player's browser is running low on memory. Make sure you're not running any other apps or web tabs while you're playing Vegas World and if you have particularly bad problems, try 'refreshing' before going to parties (by that I mean sign out and back in again) as that will reset your browser memory, increasing the chances for a trouble free party experience. 

    Popular parties take between 5-10 SECONDS to fill and award Charms. I have found the Remind Me feature is the best way to reliably get into any Vegas World party. If you click the Remind Me prompt fast enough (you have a few seconds) you will often get into the party. 

    Normally when you navigate to the room where the party is, you'll either get the "Bouncer" screen immediately, or once the party begins (if you showed up early, as some folks do.) If the room is already full the game will try to get you into a new party room (often referred to as overflow) but if that's not available you'll get a "Room is Full" message and in that case, you'll just have to choose a new party.

    Every Vegas World party triggers when the room fills to 25 players. That means every party where more than 25 players try to attend (which is most of them) will result in an extra room with 0-24 players in it, and those rooms will only award Charms if they manage to fill. Sometimes they do, often they don't. If that room fills, a third room will likely then be created and those players may or may not get Charms. Since nobody is ever charged Gems or Passes until the Party Charms are awarded, all any of these issues cost is time.

    Party Hosts who think other rooms might be filling up before their 'main' room are encouraged to switch their Suite privacy settings to "nobody" forcing all party guests to use the Party List to navigate in, automatically placing everyone in the correct room every time. 


  • Penny1010

    The waste of money is the elite or VIP that Iv bought and the glitches in the site are appalling. im sorry but they are


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