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  • Kattie81

    why am I not allowed to enter this account

  • 1MariaAparecida



  • bertha keeton

    want let me in to vegasworld to play

  • evelyn152

    evelyn davis

  • Mr Rob G

    keep freezing and getting disconnected  error code 300 

  • FloridaGurl

    This site is soooooo messed up !!!!!!!!!

    It is NOT your computer, it is NOT your browser and it is NOT your internet.  

    It IS the site and it IS getting worse!!!

  • Mae40

    I keep getting disconnected, and it's irritating when you have a $5,000,000. bet and they don't give you your credits back!!!!!!!






  • KimChee

    VW will tell you that "don't worry. you will always get the result of your bet when the game freezes." Apparently, VW knows what the outcome of the bet will be before you even begin to play. I was told this when Fringo and Sea of Riches froze up on me and I was certain that I didn't get my rewards. Adam said that the game rewards your play before you even see it on your display (meaning that even though the game did not finish, you still got something), so don't worry about not collecting. This is insane, in my opinion. How can anything on this site be a game of chance? It certainly explains why blackjack sucks so bad. The dealer already knows you're going to lose about 90% of your hands before you even bet.


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