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  • Mrs Magic xx

    If you're looking for fairness you're in the wrong place.

  • MRS 223


  • JoanS8

    you have to use the big big charms and to get the big big charms you have to go to the big big partys and to do that you have to BUY GEMS to get into theses big partys so it all comes down to MONEY that is what VW is all about not the player

  • Alvin301

    How come we lost 30 rolls on the tournament plays

    The rolls are now 70 instead of a 100

    Alvin 301

  • Kiku Kichi

    Once I hit 50 billion coins, my slot wins went way up. My largest win was 392 million coins on 15 free spins of Relics & Riches. I routinely win 100+ million coins on this slot, sometimes 2 to 3 times in a day. I think this is because the next floor up is a 25 billion increase. It would take forever to get there if the wins didn't get better. At least that's my observation.

  • Koodo one

    So true,the only winners here are there favs,that how it rolls here,it is sad,BS,,,my opion,thats why i donot buy there gems or anything anymore,my advice keep your money,theres no real money here,,,

  • Charle1

    Well this info above helps. I was concerned that I'm still at the same level although I have climbed up in suites (45) and have coins, BUT my level has not changed. I was told that I don't SPEND enough :-) Well that's VERY odd considering I play 1 million cards in Bingo and $150 /$250k in slots and not to mention spend 100 GEMS in Sea of Riches all the time.... I had my brother join less than 2  months ago and he is already at level 31 and his wagering is much lower due to the coins and gems he has. It's obviously something to it... I will keep watch. BUT if anything doesn't change. I have found another slot game to play like CAESARS GAMES and FREE SLOTS.

  • Queen Nefertiti

    @ Charle 1

    Your level has nothing to do with how much you spend. Your brother reached lever 31 relatively quickly because it takes less coins to complete the lower levels; therefore, you can level up relatively quickly from level 1 to 35ish.

    The only games that cause your level bar to move significantly are the slots. Playing the other games have negligible effects on the movement of the level bar. There are certain slots that you can spin quickly, i.e., Bakery.

    Tips:  1. Choose Bianca's Bakery

    2. Bet 250 million

    3. Click spin. Then put a weighted object on the space bar.

    4. The slot will spin faster than usual. Within a few minutes, your level bar will move hundreds of coins.

    This is the fastest way to level up. It is possible to complete one level in about 2+ weeks. 

    IF YOU CHOOSE TO LEVEL UP QUICKLY, YOU WILL LOSE COINS. You have to decide between leveling up or getting a new suite.

    Good Luck



  • Charle1

    @Queen Nefertiti,

    Thank you that's good to know. I would prefer my coins than levelling up :-) Thanks for the info and tips. I appreciate it.

    Good Luck to you as well.

  • kandyland

    keep your real money in your real pocket, that's the best advice.


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