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An Open Letter to Vegas World / Flowplay



  • Kiku Kichi

    Vegas World DID gift VIP/Elite members 1,000 gems when the pandemic started. I'm not sure if everyone received them.

  • FloridaGurl

    Well said SMILE.

    Yes, Kiu they did gift members gems when the pandemic first started but that was MONTHS ago; almost half a year!

    As we all know it;s VERY easy to go thru Gems on the site and now that they have taken away the options to earn FREE gems, it's very difficult for people with limited income, get them.

    A Vegas World Member is a customer to FlowPlay.  I think they forget that their customers ARE their biggest assets  Without them the site will not flourish.

  • Kiku Kichi

    How long is VW expected to give out free gems? As long as the pandemic goes on? And only to VIP/Elite? That would create a lot of ill will. Once they open that Pandora's box, there will be no going back for them.


    It keeps throwing me out restart app all day I haven't been able to do nothing I 

    Want my YAWIZSHKAH account back all my outfits she has 

  • CabinBob

    Even if they would give out 3 for 1 sale gems once in awhile everybody would be happier.

  • Not At Work

    It's sad that a company who depends on US, doesn't have US in their best interest.  Ever notice the influx of new people posting parties?  Seems like it's "Out with the old, and in with the new" in Vegas World.  If Vegas World would just make a bit more enjoyable (i.e. a bit more winnable), you'd see even more people at parties, old and new.  The problem is that the "new" players quickly lose interest after seeing their monetary investment being a waste. As stated above, we, as players have more choices than just Vegas World.        

  • SoulFelt

    Totally agree. I have been ripped of once again just today, i have said nothing until now

    because Well it's not right, we shouldn't have to say oh well it's just a game, but guess what

    when we lose our winnings like i just did...Do you notice...No so where does that leave us but to write comments and write to you some more and I don't see any of my winnings back it's not right and most of us have invested here, spent much time playing your games and I wrote to you Vegas World when i totally got bullied at a party are you kidding me you've done nothing 

    and yes there are many other sites we can go play on but we all have worked/played/Paid for our outfits,coins,Gems,charms,

    friends made, our level ups, some of us dont want to have to just throw it all away but some of us will because we know You are making alot a whole lotta money, So yes you Need to be more giving than taking and you need to give me as well as others that have that have lost winnings like i just did Again, because of Your site.


  • Natalli

    many online social media sites like VW . and not just for fake or real gambling
    but sites like imvu avakin life incl dating and gaming have also been raising fees and lowering perks .
    why is that? .  covid 19 . more people at home sitting at their comps . having an impact
    on an increase of network traffic by @ 48% ... some say higher

    sooo social media has been a blessing a curse and an opportunity for profit gain
    during the time of covid 19 . but who knows maybe Flowplay is having their financial problems too

    "Raising prices during a national crisis isn't illegal in and of itself ... " Sep 16, 2020


  • RAB25

    I gave up playing single player blackjack because the game was so rigged against the player.  I was hoping the 3 card poker site for single players would be more fair in terms of poker odds. Boy was i wrong!  Dealer's constant wins with straights, flushes, and high pairs on the majority of hands just defies logic and actual casino gaming odds.  I thought VW would want their site to be an enjoyable experience.  Again, VW has proved that they do not care about bringing enjoyable entertainment to their patrons.  I have also been on the Ceasars site. It much more enjoyable.  

  • gameon1

    losing paying customers

  • headhunter

    VIP/elite members got 1000 gems??? what about the thousands and thousands of non-vip/elite players??? they probably won't get anything because they don't spend real money on here, sorry I just remembered that.

  • Samantha

    Old Spice,

    The 100,000 Gem Giveaway is something we're looking into. Our teams are determining the best way to fix it. 



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