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MY SCREEN FROZE and did not give me my Charms and a few times during solitare it just closed



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    If you were due Charms, you got them.  Either they were added before the game failed or it failed before you bought them and you weren't charged.  That's true for all Vegas World purchases, so nobody ever pays for anything without getting it.  Wagers work in a similar manner, either you placed your wager and collected your winnings (if any) or no wager was placed and you're not out anything.

    Games where there's time between placing wagers and the results being known will replace your wager if the game fails for any reason before bets are paid.  

    If your Blackjack, Dragon Mahjong, Solitaire, or Bingo game fails, or is interrupted before completion, your wager is returned automatically. Once an account has gone through all the available refunds, the game will no longer replace wagers for a while. If a game is failing regularly for you, we recommend avoiding that game. 

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