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25 Silver Spins on the "Sea of Riches" Resulted in ZERO Gem Payout!!!



  • Grandpappy Don

    What did you expect???  This is Vegas World.  Until they replace the incompetent monkey that runs this game with a monkey that possesses slightly above average intelligence, don't expect anything but disappointment.  Thank God you don't "pay to play here!"   

  • TommyArmour945

    It would be so easy for VW to add a few perks to the Sea of Riches spins.  It doesnt have to be so cheap.  Sometimes it doesnt take much to keep people happy.  Allowing a few more Gem wins with spins would be such a nice perk with really nothing to lose for VW.  

  • Niso

    all I ever "win" on this game is 80k and some charms

  • Niso

    LOL - I know the feeling - I used to look forward to getting the free spins on Sea of Riches on the 1st of the month - not so much any more - I used to pay to be an Elite but no longer do so, I wonder if that has anything to do with the low level of prizes I win.



  • headhunter

    VW don't care about the little guy, the more you spend on gems in vw the more you get rewarded, the higher you get in suites the more gifts you get "compt" when you reach 50 billion coins you get 2000 party passes each month and at 400 billion coins you get 5000 party passes each month, etc, etc....VW keeps the people who spend lots of real green money happy, not the poor folk who want to feel like winners at winning fake money. so don't count on them having a change of heart to make everyone feel special, but they will walk right past you to help someone who spends a lot of money on VW, sad but true, it has not changed since 2011  :(


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