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  • reilii

    I didn't get my bonuses for the beginning of the month either!

  • elviragulch

    Glad to know it's not just me having those same problems.    I noticed that someone else complained and AdamC said it was probably because of the heatwave!?  Seriously?   What about those of us on the other side of the country/world, nowhere near any of those areas experiencing those horrific heatwaves!?

  • alison2260

    Why am I consistently freezing up when clicking on the bonus during fringo.. It's the only game I really want to play on here, as it not on any other site.. Why is that?.. Any why is no one being answered about this problem in the last 2 days(or longer)? 

  • alison2260

    Update.. tried a different browser and the exact same thing happened.. Please explain someone besides AdamC..


  • Deb155

    seems like we are being jerked around. If they dont fix it i for one will not subscribe next month. It stinks whats going on and nothing is said to us.



  • xCassiex

    Also the small avis who slide not walk across the floor. They look like they arent fully loaded. Parties, Betzone, everywhere filled with them. Why cant you fix this stuff VW? If I owned this company I'd be embarrassed.

  • Samantha


    Fringo was developed by a 3rd party developer who no longer provides support for it. How it is now is pretty much as good as we can get it.

    For best results, make sure you're not running any other programs, apps, or browser tabs during your Vegas World sessions. If you still have regular problems, refreshing your sessions by signing out of your account and back in again right before playing a game or feature that causes you problems may also increase the chances for a trouble free session.

    Here are some articles for connection issues:

    Loss of Connection Suggestions 

    Loss of Connection - Just the Facts 

    This issue has been tested extensively by our teams, and there is just no evidence that suggests these connection issues are occurring on Vegas World's end. There are many factors that can go into the errors you're experiencing, but the Vegas World's servers are stable and running as they should be. 

    For more information, feel free to submit a Help Ticket.


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