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tournament points added to my bank total



  • Samantha

    There is currently a bug in the Slot Tournaments where they're adding Coins when they're not supposed to. Our teams are working to resolve this as soon as possible. 

    Vegas World is trying to correct your Coin total when this happens, so you may see your Coin total randomly decreasing. However, refreshing Vegas World can help show your correct Coin total when you've finished playing in the Tournaments.

  • Gary152

    what is happening I have been playing for almost three years now with out missing a day. Now 

    all my charms have suddenly disappeared and my bank has lost more than a 500million ? at one 

    time. GARY152

  • Samantha


    It sounds like you may have been signed into a new account. Please follow the steps in the article below:

    I Lost My Account | Vegas World Is Putting Me Into the Wrong Account

    If this doesn't help, please submit a Help Ticket to Customer Support. 


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