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  • Samantha

    When the slot games start spinning and don't stop, that means you have been disconnected from the Vegas World servers. When you reconnect, the result of the last slot wager (the one that wouldn't stop spinning) will be added to your Coin total.

    Vegas World will keep running even if you are temporarily disconnected from the Vegas World servers. While disconnected, wagers will not be applied, and no Charms will function. Essentially, your account cannot change one way or another. Once your connection is restored (and this usually takes less than a minute), it's possible you will see strange behaviors with your Coins, Charms, and Gems, while the game resets the values to match the correct totals on our servers.

    To prevent or reduce problems running Vegas World on a PC or Mac, make sure:

    -You are using a supported browser: Microsoft Edge (PC), Safari (Mac), Chrome (PC or Mac) or Firefox (PC or Mac).

    -You are not running too many other applications at the same time as Vegas World.

    -You are not running multiple Vegas World accounts.

    -You are not using large amounts of bandwidth in addition to Vegas World. Streaming video (like Netflix) and file sharing can cause problems, in particular.

    The most likely explanation for a performance problem is Vegas World is exceeding your computer's memory or bandwidth capacity.

    Vegas World are tested and designed to be played on the following browsers: Microsoft Edge (PC), Firefox (PC or Mac), Chrome (PC or Mac) and Safari (Mac). If you are playing on a different browser than these, your experience may vary, or the game may not function at all.

  • mia 11

    y is it that slots are so tight one cant hardley win


  • mia 11

    i ben on vegeas about 3 yers now i cant get to hiigh level



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