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  • Samantha

    We use a 3rd party called Openbucks to process gift cards in Vegas World. Because of this, all gift cards are processed in the Openbucks system, and if there is an error message or a failed payment, we're not able to see what is happening from our system. We believe Openbucks may no longer be accepting CVS gift cards, but for now, we don't have any further information. For more information, you would need to contact Openbucks by emailing I apologize for the inconvenience. 

  • Married2theMoney

    I had problems buying gems too, with a CVS gift card. the page say Pay With Paysafecard what is that ?
     I put card in,but still it would not let me buy gems. Why the change???? 

  • Samantha

    We reached out to Openbucks and found out there was an error processing CVS gift cards. This should be resolved now. 

    Married2theMoney, the company Paysafe recently acquired Openbucks. I don't have information on why your card would not be accepted. You would need to contact Openbucks Customer Support for more information. The email is listed in my response above.

  • C Lucky Charm

    Hi Everyone, I also had problems with open bucks/paysafecard on the 2xgems day.   I sent in a complaint to paysafecard as instructed by kitty (chat) and it wasn't until Aug 22, I got a response back to my personal email from paysafecard, which stated the problem has be resolved.  I haven't tried to purchase any gems yet with my gift card.  I'm going to wait until 2xgems day.


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