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Jewel of Osiris



  • Samantha

    Vegas World received an update yesterday. One of the side effects of the update is the Leaderboard doesn't function correctly for several hours. It should be back up and running today, and all plays from today will recorded and displayed correctly.

  • Mico1

    Thank You for the update.

    Played again for hour or so, still same thing, not adding up during play.

  • Samantha

    Players who win big can expect to see themselves show up on the Leaderboard about 10-15 minutes after they qualify, so you may need to wait a bit to see yourself on the list.

    Losses count against your Leaderboard status. If a player won 400 million Coins, but lost 450 million, they will not be displayed on the Leaderboard. Only winning players are displayed.


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