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How do I get the rest of the dance moves? Answered
230 votes 37 comments
how do i send coins to a friend in vegas world Answered
94 votes 9 comments
how do i save my character before logging out? Answered
53 votes 13 comments
why can not i earn gems for free Answered
32 votes 7 comments
cost of hosting a charm party
31 votes 0 comments
Why I have given up on Vegas World
30 votes 4 comments
why can't I talk to other people?
28 votes 14 comments
No longer want to be apart of this site
27 votes 11 comments
27 votes 16 comments
cancel this account for me Answered
24 votes 20 comments
When I win points they are not being added to my bank ? Help!!!
22 votes 3 comments
Changing payment method for VIP
21 votes 4 comments
How do I buy Hair?
19 votes 1 comment
what's list of moves earned from next level up to enjoy with friends? Answered
19 votes 1 comment
18 votes 0 comments
how come other people can't see me dance and I can't see them dance also
18 votes 3 comments
how do i buy gems with my credit card
17 votes 3 comments
Charms Answered
17 votes 18 comments
Is there a problem with using Paypal/Credit card to buy gems?
17 votes 3 comments
Why treat people on the Old site this way Answered
15 votes 16 comments
slot tournement rules
15 votes 0 comments
15 votes 5 comments
why do i keep getting booted from party rooms
14 votes 6 comments
getting disconnected
14 votes 3 comments
My last character wasn't saved and I had to make a new one.
14 votes 3 comments
Monthly News Letter Answered
12 votes 4 comments
why is the game not adding "my charms" visit to my score??
11 votes 0 comments
Why can I not chat or group?
11 votes 6 comments