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AdamC September 29, 2014 3 Vegas World Game Forums / Bet Zone

Q: What is Bet Zone?

A: Bet Zone is Vegas World's new wagering game where players may wager on the outcome of upcoming real life events, like NFL Football games, and the World Series.  

Q: What do the +/- numbers mean?

A: Those numbers tell you how many Coins you will get based on every 1000 Coins wagered.  For example: The New England Patriots (-384) are playing The Kansas City Chiefs (+226).  If you wager 1000 Coins on The Pats, you'll win 1626 Coins Your original 1000+1000-384. If you wagered that same 1000 on the Chiefs, a win award you 2226 Coins.   Your original 1000+1000+226.  If you wager a lot more, say a million, the math is the same.  Wagering a million for The Pats will return 1,626,000 Coins with a win. Wagering a million on the Chiefs would get you 2,226,000 Coins with a win.

A: How do you calculate the odds?  

Q: We set the odds based on a service we use when we post new events to bet on.  Once we launch an event, the wagers placed by Vegas World players further modify the odds, one way or another.

Q: Why does it show -/- numbers for some wagers?

A:  The Vegas World "house edge" is built into the odds for the events.  A very close event will show up as a 'minus' for both choices.  

Q: When are the results for Bet Zone posted?

A: We currently post all results by hand.  We try to get all results posted the first business day after the event takes place.  The worst case scenario would be something like a Friday evening event where we may not get the results posted until the following Monday.

Q: How and when do I collect my winnings?

A: Winnings for Bet Zone wagers are awarded the next time you enter the Bet Zone room after the results have been posted. If you go a full week without entering the Bet Zone, any pending awards will be awarded automatically while you are off line.  

Q: What will we be able to bet on? Just NFL?

A: We're focusing on the NFL for the initial launch of Bet Zone but the plan is to provide wagers on an assortment of both sports and non-sports topics.  We've already done a Bet Zone entry for the Scottish Independence vote in September, and more "current event" topics of that nature are planned.  We also plan on wagering for MLB World Series games in the near future.



AdamC September 29, 2014 Vegas World Game Forums / Bingo

Vegas World Silver Screen Bingo FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Q: Why can't I change my wager?

A: While there is no feature that allows players to change their wager inside the Bingo room, anyone may leave the room and return to select a new wager size.


Q: How do Party Favors work in the Bingo room?

A:  Players may now purchase standard party favors at standard Gem prices for the other players at their Bingo table.  The old bingo room Party Favors were unpopular so they were scrapped. 


Q: What do the tables do?

A: All the tables do in the Bingo Room is determine who gets Party Favor Charms when they are purchased.  When you purchase a Party Favor, everyone at your table gets it, but players at other tables do not.  To move to another table, click on an empty spot at that table and purchase a Party Favor.  You will move to the new table and everyone at that table will be awarded the Party Favor you purchased.  


Q: What does the small martini glass icon with the number mean?

A: The martini glass icon displays the number of Party Favor Charms that have been purchased at that table. The number resets when the table empties completely or the total reaches 1000. 


Q: What are the winning patterns?

A: Vegas World Bingo games now have an icon that displays the winning results for the game.  For the Silver Screen Bingo game, the winning results are:

  • Five in row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.
  • All four corners.


Q: Why does my Bingo card flash?

A: If you have daubed numbers on a Bingo card that result in a winning result, your card will flash letting you know you have a winner.  Note: If you accidentally daub an incorrect number, it will still flash.  This feature will be even more helpful as we add new versions of Bingo with different patterns and win conditions.


AdamC September 18, 2014 Tips & Tricks

Vegas World requires your browser's Flash player to store a small amount of information in order to work.  If your Flash player is set to store no information, you'll get Error #2130 and (for now) you won't be able to log in.  This is a problem we will fix on our end, but players with this problem can adjust their Flash settings and log in immediately using these instructions:


If you're seeing this when you try to log in, the following steps will fix the problem.



Move your pointer towards the middle of your screen and right click to open your Flash controls. Select "Settings..." from the menu that appears.



Select the Folder tab (if it isn't selected by default.).  



Move the slider-bar so Flash may store a small amount of information.  Anything other than "none" will work.  Once you've increased the Flash storage, click "Close" and you'll be able to log in normally once again.

Have fun and good luck!






AdamC September 9, 2014 1 Tips & Tricks

Some players have recently reported being unable to log into their Vegas World accounts at all.  The following instructions are for MS Internet Explorer users, but the similar steps may help no matter what browser you are using to play Vegas World.

These instructions will clear your Flash Cache, which may be preventing the Vegas World sign-in from functioning correctly.

From the Vegas World Home Page (www.vegasworld.com) right click anywhere on the screen.


Select "Global Settings..." from the pop-up menu that appears.



Select "Allow" for the Internet Explorer Security check.


Select "Delete All..." This will not delete anything about your Vegas World account. It will delete that data that is keeping you from signing in.



Select "Delete Data".  

Once you do all that, go back and log into Vegas World normally.  You shouldn't have any further problems.




AdamC September 5, 2014 Tips & Tricks

Players who have their Vegas World account's set to "Remember Me" will find the game automatically logging them into the last account used on that computer/device. Players who run multiple accounts on the same device will want to unselect "Remember Me". Here's how:

  • Start Vegas World and allow the game to start whatever account was used last. 
  • Once logged in, select "Settings" in the far upper right of the screen and then select "Sign Out" from the drop down menu (confirm you want to leave the page if the confirmation pop-up appears.)
  • This will take you back to the Sign In page. 
  • Unselect "Remember Me" so you don't have to do all this again.
  • Sign in with the Login Email and Password for the account you want.

Once you unselect the "Remember Me" feature, the game will not automatically log you in again.